TLK150 WAVE PTX radio

Revolutionise how you manage and communicate with your fleet

TLK150 WAVE PTX radio

Purchase of TLK150 WAVE PTX radio
£369.00 plus VAT

TLK150 – Annual Subscription
£170.00 plus VAT

TLK150 – 3 Year Warranty & Accidental Damage Cover
£57.00 plus VAT

TLK150 – Rental Option
£35.99 plus VAT per month

The TLK150 WAVE PTX radio

Europe-wide push-to-talk

Utilising the Motorola WAVE PTX service, the TLK150 WAVE PTX radio delivers UK and Europe-wide radio coverage to its users.  Make individual or group push to talk calls to other WAVE PTX users.

Built for the job

Improve fleet efficiency with the deployment of the Motorola Wave PTX TLK150 Mobile Two-Way Radio.  Easy to manage, built for the job and nationwide push to talk, the TLK150 will revolutionise how you manage your fleet.

Improving deployment speed – the Motorola PTX TLK150 can be deployed without building out a costly infrastructure for wide area networks.

Enabling wide area push-to-talk – the Motorola PTX TLK150 operates on nationwide cellular network allowing radio like communication.

Reduced operational overhead – the Motorola TLK150 allows immediate remote updating anywhere across the country.

Reducing liability – the Motorola Wave PTX TLK150 provides communication and location tracking while meeting safe driving requirements.

Controllable / scalable expenses – the TLK150 utilises a subscription-based service that easily scales to meet your business needs.


Easy to use and manage

The WAVE PTX portal allows centralised management of your TLK150 fleet – all done remotely, over the air.  Your TLK150 radio will therefore stay in use for maximum use without downtime.

The TLK150’s GPS capabilities not only allow for location based talk groups but also for outdoor device tracking.  With this feature, you can easily access location data for tracking, device management and workflow systems, no matter where your employees are.

Key sectors for the TLK150 WAVE PTX radio

  • Security
  • Taxi / shuttle service
  • Logistics
  • School bus / coaches
  • Construction and concrete companies
  • Towing companies

Motorola WAVE PTX™

Connect your team with greater speed and efficiency using WAVE PTX, a push-to-talk (PTT) service that has no boundaries.
WAVE PTX is a subscription-based group communication service that instantly connects your team across different devices, networks and locations.

The benefits of Motorola WAVE PTX™

Instant communication

Get the speed and simplicity of professional two-way radio (TLK110) push-to-talk communication with the ability to share details via text, photo, video or file attachment.

Europe-wide service

Connect your professional radio system to WAVE and reach more team members over a wider service area.

Predictable costs

No usage-based call charges mean costs are fixed, making it easy to manage your budget.

Tracking /Location Services

Tracking /Location Services with texts Locate and manage your team with real time location.

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I’m using WAVE PTX™

  • NHS
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Stadia & Events
  • Facilities Management
  • Hotels
  • Schools & Universities
  • Security

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