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Read more about the latest Motorola Wave PTX News and offers from Motorola Wave PTX for all your two-way radio communications.  Here on our Wave PTX News page we will bring to you valuable content on Motorola Wave PTX products and applications, including the TLK100, TLK150, Motorola PTX Wave APP and Dispatch.  We will also bring you case studies, product specifications and articles on how Motorola Wave PTX can improve your business communications.  Any new additions to the Motorola Wave PTX suite of products will also feature here and helpful FAQ’s will be regularly updated to keep you informed.  Head to our Motorola Wave PTX download section for product PDF’S.

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WAVE PTX in industry

WAVE PTX™ – ready for business

Motorola WAVE PTX™ delivers a communication platform that business wants.

WAVE PTX™ and hybrid working

Motorola WAVE PTX™ – a communication tool for hybrid working

WAVE PTX™ – Motor vehicle repair

Motorola WAVE PTX™ brings efficiency and connectivity to motor vehicle repair businesses.

WAVE PTX™ – Improving connectivity

Motorola WAVE PTX™ brings teams closer together

TLK100 – where costs are fixed

TLK100 comes with clarity of cost

TLK100 SIM free

TLK100 SIM Free goes international

The TLK100 now have and even greater reach….


TLK100 glowing feedback

Positive feedback continues to flow for the TLK100

TLK100 - Your flexible friend

TLK100 – Your flexible friend

TLK100 – flexible options to meet your needs

TLK100 large educational facilities

TLK100 and large educational facilities

Clear and efficient radio communication across a wide-area

TLK100 and TLK150

TLK Series radios – SIM free now available

Now there’s greater flexibility with the TLK Series radios

Radio Communications

Radio communications for your hotel chain

Be part of the wider team with Motorola WAVE PTX™

Motorola WAVE PTX security

WAVE PTX improves security company

Security company improves their delivery thanks to Motorola WAVE PTX™

Motorola Evolve

Evolve – Your communication needs in one

Apps, emails, work applications and two-way radio – the evolve has it all!

Motorola WAVE PTX

Business moves fast – WAVE PTX keeps pace

WAVE PTX™ – helping businesses to become a success

motorola wave ptx - what and why

Motorola WAVE PTX – What and Why?

An insight into the type of business utilising WAVE PTX™

Motorola wave ptx wide area coverage

WAVE PTX – Making an outdoor event a success

Wide area coverage provided by Motorola WAVE PTX™

WAVE PTX video streaming

WAVE PTX video streaming App

Capture events and activities as they happen…



Ensure your events run smoothly with Motorola WAVE PTX™

WAVE PTX Mobile App


Have the benefits of a Smartphone and a two-way radio

Motorola wave ptx trial and demonstration

WAVE PTX Trial and Demonstration

Book your trial or demo today!!

TLK100 out of the box solution

TLK100 out of the box solution

Setting up your TLK100 is simple…..


TLK100 brings improved communication to schools

A top tier communication solution – Motorola WAVE PTX™ TLK100

Motorola WAVE PTX - bringing workforces together

WAVE PTX – Bringing workforces together

Motorola WAVE PTX™ is providing a communication solution for dispersed workforces


WP300 Wireless Bluetooth Control Pod

This Bluetooth control pod connects to TLK Series radios and the Evolve – discover more…


TLK100 – gets your team connected fast

TLK100 – keeping the team connected


TLK100 – Built for the job

Discover more about the TLK100 that is built for business…


TLK100 – Easy to use and manage

Discover key features of the TLK100…

TLK100 charging options

TLK100 – Charging options

Discover more about the TLK100 charging options


TLK100 – Monthly hire

TLK100 available for hire at £28.99 per month…


TLK100 – Ready for deployment

Where some two-way radio models are in short supply, we have the TLK100 ready to go!

motorola wave ptx

Motorola WAVE PTX™ – Group Power!

Create and amend groups within seconds for quick decision making…


TLK100 within the NHS

The TLK100 brings together key personnel….

Motorola WAVE PTX

WAVE PTX – The Benefits

A snapshot of the benefits of Motorola WAVE PTX™

TLK100 provides vital comms to London Hospital

Discover more about the TLK100 and the positive impact it has made…

Motorola WAVE PTX™

Motorola WAVE PTX™ – Communication for plant and crane hire businesses

Bringing improved efficiency and supporting health and safety procedure

Motorola wave ptx™ cell phone boosters

Motorola WAVE PTX™ – Boosting your signal

A solution to improving your signal strength

TLK100 Warranty

Warranty options for your Motorola WAVE PTX TLK100

Find out more about the options to protect your TLK100

Motorola WAVE PTX

Motorola WAVE PTX – communication solutions for councils

Councils are benefiting from the wide area coverage provided by Motorola WAVE PTX

Motorola Evolve

Motorola Evolve is your essential travel companion

Discover how the Evolve keeps you connected when on the move


WAVE PTX brings mobile workforces together

Discover how WAVE PTX helps mobile workforces

wave ptx™

WAVE PTX allows static guards to stay connected

Find out how WAVE PTX is helping static security guards

Motorola WAVE PTX

TLK100 improves communication for Motrans Ltd

Find out how the TLK100 improves efficiency for our new client in the haulage sector

Motorola WAVE PTX

Motorola WAVE PTX – Improving communication in Colleges

Operating a college has just got that little bit easier…

Wirefr3 welcomes Tristan Griffin to the team

Meet our new Digital Sales Executive….


Flex and scale with Motorola WAVE PTX™

Increase fleet size and make amendments with ease…

TLK100 accessory

Accessories for the TLK100

Find out more about carrying solutions and chargers for the TLK100

TLK Series radios

TLK Series Radios keep communication simple and quick

Modifications are easy – without the need to touch a device

RugGear RG725

RugGear RG725 – A ruggedised smartphone

Discover more about the RugGear RG725….

Motorola WAVE PTX™ leisure parks

Motorola WAVE PTX™ – making a splash at leisure parks

TLK100 helping to improve the running of leisure parks

motorola wave ptx™ subscriptions

Motorola WAVE PTX – Flexible subscription periods available

Multi and part-year subscriptions now available

Motorola wave ptx pubwatch scheme

WAVE PTX™ – communication for Pubwatch schemes

Motorola WAVE PTX – how can it benefit Pubwatch schemes

TLK100 Heating Engineers

TLK100 – keeping Heating Engineers connected

Find out how a Heating Engineering business is using the TLK100

motorola wave ptx tlk100

Motorola WAVE PTX™ TLK100 arrives in Spain

See the TLK100 in action – communicating from Spain

Motorola wave ptx shopwatch scheme

WAVE PTX™ – communication for Shopwatch schemes

Motorola WAVE PTX – how can it benefit Shopwatch schemes

motorola wave ptx™ disaster recovery

Motorola WAVE PTX™ utilised in disaster recovery situations

Discover how WAVE PTX can assist in disaster recovery situations

motorola wave ptx parking enforcement officer

WAVE PTX™ – Comms for Parking Enforcement Officers

Motorola WAVE PTX provides valuable communication support to officers

WAVE PTX™ – communication for grounds maintenance

Motorola WAVE PTX i- improving efficiencies for grounds maintenance teams

Motorola WAVE PTX impressing in the Security Sector

Discover what Motorola WAVE PTX is doing for security


TLK100 handsets increase at Medirest

The TLK100 is proving a success and is in demand…

motorola wave ptx - used by refuse collectors

Motorola WAVE PTX – Helping to keep our streets clean

Successfully trialled with Refuse Collection teams

wave ptx in schools, colleges and universities

Motorola WAVE PTX – communication for educational facilities

Improving safety and efficiency levels with educational facilities

WAVE PTX – Elite Forces and Security Training Facilities

WAVE PTX has become a valuable communications tool for training facilitators

wave ptx hospitals

Motorola WAVE PTX – connecting hospitals

A new era in hospital communication – Motorola WAVE PTX


WAVE PTX App – Police dog training centre

Find out how the Motorola WAVE PTX App is used within the Police dogs training centre

wave ptx warehouse and logistics

Motorola WAVE PTX – Warehousing and Logistics

Improve efficiency within your warehouse and logistics teams


Motorola WAVE PTX – Streaming video

Increasing clarity and improving situational awareness


Motorola WAVE PTX – Professional Sports Teams

Motorola WAVE PTX is providing premier communications to professional sports clubs

Motorola Evolve

Motorola Evolve – the ideal companion for Wave PTX

Motorola Evolve – the rugged mobile phone designed to operate with Wave PTX

Wave PTX

Wave PTX – Instant communication for successful teams

Who’s using Wave PTX? What are the benefits?

Motorola Wave PTX

Motorola Wave PTX – Enhancing Facilities Management

Successful FM companies are utilising Motorola Wave PTX


TLK100 Calls and Alerts – Motorola Wave PTX

Discover more about the core call and alert functions on the TLK100

TLK100 London Hotel

Motorola Wave PTX TLK100 to go live in major London hotel

Motorola Wave PTX to go live in major London hotel

site survey - tlk 100

Site survey with the Motorola Wave PTX TLK 100

Understanding the importance of a site survey

events - wave ptx

Motorola Wave PTX – Events Industry

Read on to see how Motorola Wave PTX can help you run a successful event

wave Portal

Motorola Wave PTX – Management Portal

Discover how you can manage your fleet whilst saving your business time and money

WAVE PTX subscriptions

Motorola Wave PTX – Subscriptions explained

Discover more about the subscription process

two-way radio phrases

Two-way radio chat – Essential Phrases

Discover the most common two-way radio phrases to make your communication more effective

WAVE accreditation

Motorola Wave PTX Technical Professional Certification

Proudly awarded the WAVE Technical Professional Certification

Wave PTX Hire

Motorola Wave PTX Hire

Find out more about our new Wave PTX Hire option

Wave PTX Safeguard

Motorola Wave PTX Safeguard

Enhance safety and efficiency with Motorola Wave PTX Safeguard

two-way radio multisite

Two-way radio solutions for multisites

See how Motorola Wave PTX can improve the running of a multisite operation

Motorola Wave PTX TLK100 VIDEO

Wave PTX TLK100 – Video Showcase

Watch our short video giving an overview of the Motorola Wave PTX TLK100

Bluetooth earpiece

Motorola Wave PTX TLK100 Bluetooth Earpiece

Utilise the Motorola Wave PTX TLK 100 hands free without compromising sound quality

Motorola Wave PTX Dispatch

The Motorola Wave PTX Dispatch enables you to simplify day-to-day operations within your organisation.

Motorola Wave PTX TLK 150 1

Wave PTX TLK 150

Introducing the Motorola Wave PTX APP

Wave PTX device mobile phone 2

Motorola Wave PTX APP

Introducing the Motorola Wave PTX APP

WAVE PTX London skyline congested area 2

Motorola WAVE PTX offers a solution in congested areas

WAVE PTX offers a solution when you are limited on spectrum availability

WAVE PTX WireFr3 TLK 100

Motorola WAVE PTX TLK100

Introducing the Motorola WAVE PTX TLK100

UCLH entrance sign

Wirefr3 delivers WAVE™ PTX to UCLH

Wirefr3 were invited to provide a new WAVE PTX Broadband Push-To-Talk radio solution for University College London Hospital.

WAVE PTX Motorola Solution WAVE Dispatch software console on a tablet device larger

WAVE PTX Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Discover more about Motorola WAVE PTX with our frequently asked questions.

Wave PTX dispatch, App, TLK 150 and TLK 100 larger

Motorola WAVE PTX Downloads and Specifications

Download the latest Motorola WAVE PTX product information. Including key features and technical specifications of the WAVE PTX full range.

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